Unlock the Magic of Filters on Your Dog

Are you curious to see what your pup would look like with a pair of glasses? Well, now you can! Snapchat has recently added a set of fun new selfie filters specifically designed for dogs' faces. From butterflies to reading glasses, you can now give your pup a makeover and capture the moment with a photo or video. Face filters are a great way to have fun and share with your friends, but they can also be used on your pets. For example, there is an instant chat filter that makes your dogs look like Disney Characters.

It may take some time to get used to the new filter, but once you have the filter you want on the puppy's face, you can go ahead and capture their photo or video and add it to their story or send it to as many friends as you want. Filters (also known as 'Lenses') are one of Snapchat's most popular features, as they allow users to appear silly in photos they send to their friends. This Snapchat filter allows you to make Fido look like he just stepped out of a Disney movie. Instagram also offers selfie filters that can be used to alter your face for online entertainment purposes.

Your followers will be amazed at how hilariously your lizard appears with a thought bubble over its head, or they may even ask where you found that high-quality story filter. To access all of Snapchat's filters, simply tap the emoticon face next to the button you use to take a photo.

Letícia Summerour
Letícia Summerour

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