The Best Photo Filter Apps to Take Your Selfies to the Next Level

VSCO is one of the most popular photo editing apps on iOS and Android. This application offers a set of impressive filters that take your selfies to another level. There are 10 free presets that you can adjust with a simple slider, but you can buy more in the library of more than 200 filters. The premium version of the VSCO app includes more than 200 filters, called in-app presets.

Many of these filters are based on old movie styles, but there are also dedicated filters for landscapes, selfies, urban scenes, and more. VSCO filters allow a lot of flexibility and new presets are added all the time, making them perfect for fashion photographers, Instagram influencers, and small businesses. If you're looking for a way to turn your iPhone into a retro camera with a film look, Retrica is the app for you. This application allows you to apply retro filters before taking a photo.

More than 190 filters can be applied in real time, meaning you can take photos without any additional editing. A color story includes more than 100 infinitely adjustable filters, plus the ability to create custom filters for your own unique look that can be saved for future use. Motion effects include lens flare, bokeh, light leak, brightness and texture, and you can change every aspect of the effects to fit your photo perfectly. In addition, a free version of Darkroom provides batch editing mode, so you can apply filters and other settings to the entire album of shots at once.

They're also a great way to give your photos a cohesive look or style, which is useful for creating a theme in your Instagram feed. The Photos app also offers nine filters that provide a variety of color and black and white styles. Exclusive filters are published regularly for premium members, and Retrica also includes fun editing tools that you can use before and after taking a photo. At the top of each filter, you'll see a line of a single color: blue, green, red, purple, or orange. While Instagram doesn't offer dozens and dozens of filters like many other photo apps, the filters it does offer are highly appreciated by its users. Once you discover your favorite photo filter app, you'll find that it's fun and addictive to use.

Some filters are intended to correct colors, while others allow you to convert photos into B&W shots, or embellish them with vintage touches. You can apply a filter as well as use a variety of “live masks” and overlays for each of these shooting styles. Whether you're an Instagram influencer or just someone who loves taking selfies, there's an app out there that will help you take your photos to the next level. With so many options available on iOS and Android devices, it's easy to find an app that suits your needs and preferences.

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