How to Identify Filters Used in a Picture

Instagram doesn't provide a way to search for filters from the real camera or anywhere else. However, you can still learn how to identify filters used in a picture. To start, you can “search for effects” by tapping the name of any given filter on the selfie camera, and it will show you a series of different filters in different categories. The best way to learn this skill is to use filters and experiment with them to see how they work.

A good starting point is to generate a linear gradient from black to white and test it with different filters. For example, when you move the black point up in the Levels tool, observe what happens to the gradient. Similarly, take note of what happens when you move the white point down. Go to the most used tab and scroll down.

You'll find a pie chart showing your most used filters, and if you scroll further down as an added benefit, you'll see your most popular images based on your most used filters. Once you've applied all your filters and edits, you're ready to share them on your social networks. Fotor has a number of photo filter effects found in the “Vintage” section that aims to give your photos a sense of yesteryear. Use the “Notre Dame” filter found in the “Groovy” section for a quick and easy pastel filter effect that will add a fantastic touch to any photo.

Look at the “Vintage”, “Retro” and “Grayscale” filters to make your photos look old and retro. Highlight the deep greens of a forest or the bright blues of the ocean with the “Sunned Up” filter pack, perfect for outdoor photos of lush trees and nature. Fotor also offers a number of different artistic filters that not only color, but also brighten and vignette your image to prepare it for Instagram. While sites like Facebook and Instagram have their own built-in filters and photo effects available, these are far from being the best options.

Control the intensity of the photo with the slider just below the preview and the name of the filter effect. It may not be possible to determine a particular filter because some things can be done on camera or in post-production, and you may not be able to know what it was. Filters not only help your photos stand out from the crowd, but they also help highlight your creative side.

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