How do you un edit someone else's photo?

If you're using an iPhone, open the Photos app and find the photo you want to unedit. Tap on it, then tap the edit button in the upper right corner of the screen, tap the Undo button (it's a curved arrow pointing to the left) to undo the last change. Keep touching it to undo each change one at a time. If you're using an Android phone, open the Gallery app and look for the photo you want to unedit.

To edit just part of an image on iPhone, open the Photos app and find the image you want to edit. Tap the Edit button in the upper right corner of the screen, and then drag the blue handles around the part of the image you want to edit with your finger. When you're done, tap the Done button in the upper left corner of the screen. It depends on how much they're covering up.

If it's a scribble that completely hides identifying information about something, for example, no. If it's a drawing on top of a photo, then Photoshop may interpolate some pixels to remove the drawing and get the original photo. However, it would be a lot of work. I would ask for the original instead.

If they don't give you the original. You may not have the original. To do this, open the Photos app, find the image you want to edit and tap the Edit button in the upper right corner. If you've edited a photo with Photoshop, you can undo those changes later by returning to the original version.

To edit text in a text layer, select the text layer in the Layers panel and select the Horizontal or Vertical Type tool in the Tools panel. In the case of editing a photo, you may need to apply a different effect if you want to reverse the editing. Most popular photo editing apps have undo functions that allow you to restore a previously unedited copy. If the image, background, or words you want to remove requires advanced skills, a professional photo editor will do the task for you.

It's easy to use and has a wide range of functions, from basic photo editing to more advanced options. If you're looking for a way to undo an edit to a photo, you might be wondering how to undo an edit someone else made on your iPhone. While this means that if someone accidentally edited an image, they can only undo their edits if you have a copy of it, you can always revert it back to the original. Read on to see some of those other options below, along with the one instance where people have been able to edit others' photos.

When you're finished, tap the Done button to undo your edits and return the photo to its original state. If an image has been retouched, similar unsightly artifacts often appear along the edge of the edit. People have gotten away with using images based on minimal editing, and people have been found to infringe on others even when they alter the image to a large extent, transforming it into another work. Tap the “Start” button on the interface and import the Snapchat photo you want to edit by tapping one of the removal tools.

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