The Best Photo Filter Apps for Capturing the Perfect Look

Provides all the & photo editing beautification tools you need, including more than 500 filter options to add elegant and aesthetic colors to your photos. Learning how to edit Instagram photos to capture a uniform look can take years of practice, but you don't have to wait that long to get the perfect shot. We'll tell you the worst kept secret on social media and give you a roundup of the best photo filter apps on the market. PhotoDirector is one of the most comprehensive photo filter apps available, with a range of customization tools that allow you to manually adjust the intensity of your filter.

You can modify contrast, color balance, brightness and tones to get the exact look you want. Snapseed is another great option for lightweight photo editing, with a number of editing functions, filters, presets and automatic adjustment tools that make it easy to edit photos on the go. The Tune Image function is particularly impressive, allowing you to adjust photos with customizable scales that capture the perfect balance of warmth, light and color. VSCO is one of the best photo filter apps for creating beautiful and discreet edits.

The premium version includes more than 200 filters, called in-app presets, based on old movie styles as well as dedicated filters for landscapes, selfies, urban scenes and more. Retrica is perfect for those who want to turn their iPhone into a retro camera with a film look. You can apply over 190 filters in real time before taking a photo, and exclusive filters are published regularly for premium members. Snapseed has a great combination of filters that can be infinitely adjusted and combined, including black and white options along with vintage, grunge, grainy film, Retrolux and Glamour Glow.

VSCO has nine filters available in the Photos app offering a variety of color and black and white styles. Prisma offers something a little different from most of the best photo editing apps, with stylistic filters inspired by real artists. Pixtica has all of these features in one place in an easy-to-use package. Finally, Adobe Photoshop Express is a quick and simple photo editor with a variety of interesting filters that can't be replicated anywhere else.

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